Co-Host/Co-Producer / U.K Correspondent

Ben Barden is a commercial photographer and film maker based in the UK.


After graduating from the University of Salford in Professional Sound and Video Technology he started his career as a staff photographer for Cumbria Tourist Board in 2002.


Going freelance in 2005, he started producing video content for clients 3 years later. ,Ben speciallties include PR, offshore, rope-access and tourism although to be honest he’ll shoot anything for money, as long it’s not a wedding!


His documentary films have won awards at the prestigious Kendal Mountain Film Festival and been screened around the world at various cinema events.


In addition to being behind the camera Ben also scouts and manages locations for film and tv. Notable productions include “Miss Potter” and “Snow White and the Huntsman,” which he still hasn’t seen.


You can talk to Ben about his love for Comic movies at @snapper78 on twitter.


Check out Ben's work at